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Annee ca 1938 ? En France ? Origine et la marque de radio ?

Frank (en Pays-Bas)

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Pour débuter dans les meilleures conditions, il faut dire: Bonjour, Bonsoir, Merci, SVP!(s’il vous plait!), etc.
Je pense que les Hollandais connaissent un minimum de politesse!

God Fordom ! :mdr1:

en tous cas , le poste est bien beau … ressemble a un " Ducastel " …

Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome, SVP, AUB. If you please. Thank you, Danke, Merci, Dank u wel.

It wasn’t ment that way, but my French is limited, so I was glad that I managed these sentences…

But any real information you could deliver would be gratefully appreciated !


ben voilà ! Wilkommen Frank ! :smiley:

but for the moment , no idea … :frowning:
it looks like a " Ducastel" , or some " radio LL " ones , … but not found in our internet museum … :frowning:

OK when I can communicate in English. I tried my best in French (that was my idea of politeness…)

Unfortunatly the backwall of the radio is missing. Undoubtly that would have had some identification. There is no mark what so ever on the out- or inside. I hoped that the 2 lions on the scale were maybe some trademark, because that would be the only link. Or someone recognizes it…

It is undoubtly French ( the scale is in CO/PO/GO) or Belgium. Almost all names are French, like Londres, but strangely enough Bruxelles is Brussel…

The year is guessed by some experts here looking at the lamps etc… The outside is very nice cherry-wood in good condition.
One knob is missing but I am having that reproduced.

As I am interested in history I would like to find out where and when it was produced. Thanks to anyone for any reaction.

Also, merci again…Frank