mire philips gm 2891

Quelqu’un possede t-il la documentation de la mire philips gm2891 (utilisation et schemas )?
merci beaucoup

Dear Maxient,

I tried to upload the scematics with this message, however, the file was too large.
You can download the file from a Dutch website: nvhr.nl. It is in Dutch, but they have a huge list of documentation. Go to the tab “schema’s” and fill in the typenumber in the field " Type of naam". The scematics are in Dutch, however the drawing itself is readable.

If you cannot find the file, send me your e-mail adress and I will send it to you be e-mail.



Thank you, Wim :hello:

Maixent, si tu n’y parviens pas, j’ai moi aussi téléchargé le manuel de la mire Philips GM2891 et je peux te l’envoyer (16 pages, 1,6 Mo)

C’est une mire d’époque, de 1956… :wink: