Radio Type 221 manufacturer ID and any info?

Hello, I’ve just registered with the forum, I cannot speak French, my appologies.

Does anyone recognize this, found in the UK a few days ago:

Many thanks.


Hello Lawrence

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I suppose your equipement is not a radio one . perhaps a wire line  telephone or telegraph repetitor ?  but I am not at all sure !

But somebody beyond us could have another opinion and better idea Clin

wait please  .


Good morning

This  équipement looks like a very old  SFR receiver   



Thankyou Claude for the reply, I have made a schematic from the physical appearence, L10 in the scematic looks like a regeneration control.

There are 5 band ranges for the grid circuit and the anode circuit of the RF amplifier, the grid circuit has 3 extra ranges for bandspread.

The switch S3 enables it to be used as 4 valve, 3 valve or a 2 valve.

I have also made another schematic showing which coils (bobbins) are in circuit with the different switch positions....If I can find it.

Many thanks.


Whoops, the schematic failed, here's another version, the one that failed to upload was a computer drawn schematic..


sorry , on your first photo I had not seen the four tubes up of the photo !!! Triste

So , it changes completely my opinion ! and surely it is a very old radio receiver as said by F6CER ! Clin

Thanks everybody, what does SFR mean?



SFR is a very old company , manufacturer of radio sets in the 1920's . which became Radiola later

Could be a radio set similar  this one

Thaks for that Claude, here are some more photo's, they show one of the tuning capacitors, the brass shaft extends to the front panel for slow motion/finetuning control.


If you clean the front panel , could be seen some more info , perhaps a brand name or logo ???

It seems something is written hidden by the key bottom of the panel  Clin

I've removed the dust from the front panel the only identification is....RI 221.

The grid resistor, and the coupling and decoupling capacitors have the name ....Veritable Alter.

There are no other identification marks, no sign of any identification plate or label etc ever being attatched.

The HT terminals are marked 80 volts, the filament terminals are marked 4 volts.

I'm intrigued by the slow motion/ fine tuning adjustment, no knob, just a screwdriver, maybe to monitor CW transmissions?

The receiver is a mystery.


Hi Lawrence,

I don’t know the brand of this receiver either. But I’m sure someone will tell you soon.

I can only tell you that the split pin of the fine tuning is made for plugging a long ebonite rod (lost as always !)
This was supposed to avoid the “hand effect” when tuning the capacitor.
Something similar to the Pericaud below.
Cheers for now




Thankyou Jean-Luc, your explanation is good.

I am wondering if the receiver was made by Radio Industrie of Paris (La Radio Industrie) I found a picture on Google showing a Radio Industrie model fitted in an aircraft (1940's) the model was a Radio Industries RI 537 a similar numbering system to the one I have, which is RI 221.


I suggest you have a look on this page

Radio Industrie is known in the " grand livre " , but not this model

There is also a model of emitter shown here Clin

Some more photo's, I have cleaned the exterior, the cabinet has rot/damage.

Was 4 volt & 80 volt common in the 1920's?  Was 80 volts.....dry cell battery or series accumulators?

Thanks in advance.


Je l'ai regardé le numéro de type avec une lumière LED ..... il est de type RK et non type RI.

Des idées?