Teppaz Oscar Stereo


I also want to know what the SANS / AVEC switch was used for. Does anyone have a operating manual that I can print?

That is a great story you are sharing here. If i can help i will. If you have challenges with French and translations let me know.

means auto-stop: YES/NO (Avec:Yes, Sans:No)
this means that the machine will eventually stop at the end of disk played or not


Regarding this, there are some informations here.

We miss pictures and details from your Teppaz to know what version it is. Can you append more pictures?
Also can you give us a proper picture of the inscription on the ECL82 lamp inside?

I guess this is rather a stereolux than a regular stereo you have but I’m not sure.
While searching i bumped on this kit, this might interest you


Hi All,

herewith the pictures of the two valves, i have taken them out for safe keeping while i restore

Hi Benji,
Thank you for your help. I am not an electronics expert and my knowledge is rusty, I think i will take it to someone who can replace the blown capacitor and test all the vital points for me as i dont have the required tools. I only have a multimeter… LOL

Hello Ben,

I cant seem to see where to join the site you shared http://passion-teppaz.forumparfait.com/diffa-rence-entre-un-oscar-sta-ra-o-et-un-oscar-sta-ra-olux-vt1099.html
Please can you share the link where I can join as a member

Hello All,

Well I am still in the process of restoring the one Teppaz in my previous posts, and came a cross another one which is much older. See attached pictures.

I have a question for the forum, what do you guys do to restore the print on the casing? As you can see this one has some scuff marks.

Hi All,

Another question, how can i test the valves or tubes to see if they working?

to test the tubes
on the chassis measuring electrodes and curent voltages
G1 voltage
cathode voltage and with value of cathode resistor calculate cathode curent
G2 voltage
Anode voltage and with voltage drop in anode resistor calculate anode current

and then look it’s fit to the manufacturer datasheet of the tube

I think you have to make a new painting on the metal plate
dismantle a possible , sand paper
primer painting
and color painting

Hi all,
My last question for now … LOL, did the speaker cone face frontwards in the case or to the outside of the case

outside of the case
but it is not HIFI
i think this have not a great importance

for the case it is worn impossible to repar it

Hi Radiolo,

Thank you for your response, I was thinking of recovering with a nice retro cloth… But maybe i should keep it original


How can I test the tubes, with out plugging them in. I dont have the pins. I believe it can be tested with a multimeter?

I missed your post on the tubes. Yes I have to sand paper and respray both of them. Just very concerned to take it apart as I don’t want to damage anything. So maybe I will tape everything up and respray. They look so fragile

I was watching this video

with a multimeter only the filament can be check
for the pinout you find it in this section with teh reference of the tube ECL82

Thank you very much

Morning Radiolo,

Trust all is well with you. Would it be normal for the unit i posted yesterday to have two different Lamps - 85 & 82. Then I am not sure if they were ACL or ECL as the writing has rubbed off. Can you advise? Much appreciated

Regards - from Cape Town

ACL never exist
ECL85 and ECL82 it is the same functions :triode and power penthode but not the same pin out
so you can not exchange the two tube

il the two tubes a used on a stereo amplifier one is a mistake and has replaced by someone who dit not know electronics…

probably the good reference is ECL82